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We have a skilled, independent arborist on staff who will correctly prune your trees and shrubs for healthy growth and vitality.

Our way: Gentle plant care with species specific pruning and maintenance.

We provide professional pruning services to:

     •     Promote plant health - control Insect infestation, dead branches or storm damage.

     •     Maintain Plants - Pruning helps maintain hedge density or fruit or flower development.

     •     Maintain appearance - Plant size and shape.

     •     Protect Property - Remove low hanging or interfering branches.

~ Tree Planting

~ Scheduled Maintenance

~ Hazard Tree Removals

~ Crane Removals

~ Structural Pruning

~ Aesthetic Pruning

~ Pruning for View Enhancement

~ Chipping

~ Lot Clearing

~ Permit Assistance

Tree Care


When should a tree be removed?

     •     Evidence of root or stem decay.

     •     Splits, cracks, hollows.

     •     Included bark or weak crotches.

     •     Excessive deadwood.

     •     Exhibiting signs of decline.

     •     Encroachment on homes or structures.

     •     Damage from storms causing hazardous conditions.

     •     Devastating lightning strike.

     •     Undesirable species, characteristics, location.

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Redwood Trees

Davis Tree & Yard Care provides expert tree and shrub pruning