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Davis Tree & Yard Care is owned and operated by brothers Jack & Jeff Davis. Jack has been working in the landscaping trade for 13 years and has abundant knowledge and a solid skill set for the work. Jeff has been involved in the tree care industry for more than 22 years. He owned and operated JD Tree for 8 years.

We built this website and maintain our own books and papers in regard to proper yard care and arboricultural techniques, safety, industry practices and excellent client relations. One of the most important goals in our company is that we have an open, honest, communicative relationship with our clients. We will never attempt to sell you a service which is not required for the "Scope of Work". We are always forthright and always present the options which best suit our client's needs. We will do our best to see that your needs are always heard and respected.

The brothers grew up in rural Santa Cruz County where they both gained a deep appreciation for the natural environment. Gardening, fruit tree pruning, mowing, weeding and general hard work were part of their daily routines from a very early age. For fun they would both explore the local state park and climb the many redwood trees on the family property. Their parents, Tom and Joanne, owned and operated Aries Arts in Capitola, California for 30 years.

Some words about trees from Jeff:
Trees are the largest living organisms on the planet. Healthy, vigorous trees improve the quality of life for all of us. The kindness and love they give to us and Mother Earth is almost immeasurable. They are a constant source of wonder and beauty. Trees deserve our respect and nurturance.
As an ISA Certified Arborist, I want to offer my knowledge and skill to you through good Arboricultural practices. I firmly believe that when we all enlighten ourselves with knowledge about our environment, we make the right choices about our trees. I can help with these decisions and with the work to be done.
It is a great privilege to be part of preserving the natural environment for future generations. This work is extraordinary, dynamic and extremely rewarding. After all, I get to blend art & science every day.
Thank you,
Jeff Davis

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Jeff has attended the following workshops:
~ Arborfest West- Crane Removals and End Weight Reduction Techniques 9/16/17
~ ISA Arborist Exam- Re-certification 8/26/17
~ Recognizing and Reducing Tree Failure Risk in our Communities 10/25/2013
~ New Perspectives in Tree Care 10/5/2012
~ Tree Risk Assessments & Plant Appraisals - The Basics 9/27/2012
~ TRACE - Carson City 3/29/2012
~ California Tree Failure Report Program 1/12/2012
~ Caring for Large Mature Trees in the Landscape 10/7/2011
~ The Use of Cranes in Trees 8/11/2011
~ The Changing Face of Arboriculture 3/18/2011
~ International Tree Risk Field Day 11/5/2010
~ The Busy Arborist’s Guide to ANSI Standards 6/25/2010


"I take my role as an Arborist in my community very seriously. Trees need our respect and care.
If they thrive, so will we."

Thomas J. Davis, Jr.

ISA Certified Arborist WE-8768A

TJD Arborist

"JD (Jeff) is a solid arborist and can recommend care as needed, or whether a tree needs removal. He doesn't make unnecessary work and suggest topping trees that might simply waste your money. He is very careful with his workers..."

Peter H.- Alpine Meadows


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