Arborist Services

As an ISA Certified Arborist I offer the following services:

Tree Risk Assessment: I will inspect and evaluate the trees in question and make recommendations based upon my findings. Mitigation of tree risk by pruning, whole tree removal, relocating infrastructure, closing off access and many other solutions will be explored. I will use proven scientific methodology and all applicable industry standards to evaluate your trees. I'm equipped to evaluate single trees all the way up to entire populations.

Tree Preservation/ Construction Damage Mitigation: Working alongside planners, architects, building contractors, developers and others is my forte'. One of my jobs is to open productive channels of communication with all the parties involved with your project. I will create easily deployable tree protection guidelines, conflict mitigation guidelines or whatever else is necessary to protect your trees. Follow-up site visitations are part of any comprehensive tree preservation plan. I'm here to ensure that your preservation goals are met and often times exceeded.

Earth Friendly IPM, Disease Diagnosis and Recommendations: Pest management is always foremost in combatting untimely mortality in our trees. A focus on overall plant health care (PHC), Earth friendly Integrated Pest Management, species specific biological processes of the tree and environmental conditions allow me to produce a focused suite of recommendations for protecting your trees. (IPM is “the maintenance of destructive agents, including insects at tolerable levels by the planned use of a variety of preventive, suppressive, or regulatory tactics or strategies that are ecologically and economically efficient and socially acceptable. It is implicit that the actions taken are fully integrated into the total resource management process in both planning and operation.)

Planting, Replanting and Tree Removal Mitigation: My tree plantings are done right the first time. I'm able to encourage vigorous root system establishment by taking into account site conditions, soil composition and proper rootball preparation. My tree removal mitigation plans are tailored to each project, are concise and easy to deploy. I'm more than happy to work alongside your landscaping company during a planting.

Tree Inventory and Mapping: I will create a visual reference for you noting tree location, trunk diameter and approximate canopy spread of each tree desired. The inventory can range from a few trees to a complete mapping of your forest.

Arborist Reports: From basic to detailed, my reports can be tailored to fit your project's specific needs and objectives. I use industry standard language that is compliant with all local and state requirements.

Pruning Specifications: I will write detailed and specific pruning specifications for one tree or many trees. All pruning specifications will comply with ANSI A300 Part 1 and Z133.1.

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"My project was construction of a new detached garage structure in Carnelian Bay. The garage foundation was placed for location very close to a few very large old growth pines which I wanted to preserve. If I could not preserve these trees, the garage project would be cancelled. JD not only designed the system to protect and irrigate the roots during construction, but he also was a key team member in determining the exact perimeter of the foundation, clearances from the root systems, permanent protection under ground for the root systems, and the boundaries of the paving area. He was always on-site as needed to work with the contractor and make sure the contractor and workers understood the priority I had placed on keeping these trees in place, alive and healthy. Now, almost two years later, the trees continue to thrive and I also have the new garage structure I wanted." 

Dave R.- San Francisco, CA

Legal Professional