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Video Page

Defender Tree Service - Our Partner Business

California Native Plant Society

Tahoe Tree Company / McBride's Nursery- Facebook page

The Benefits of Trees

Earth Day Official Website

Mother Earth News

The Spruce

Grow Organic- Peaceful Valley

Sierra Foothills Garden

A Symphony of Sounds- National Park Service "Natural Sounds"

How to Create a pollinator Friendly Garden- David Suzuki Foundation

Trees Are Good

Gold Spotted Oak Borer-UCANR

California Oak Mortality Task Force

GOES Satellite Images-West Coast

The Tree Guide- Arbor Day Foundation

Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute- CalPoly SLO

Matt Ritter- Botanist, Author, Professor

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research- University of Arizona

Nature Outside

California Native Plant Society- Calscape

USDA Plants Database

Ready For Wild Fire?

Sustainable Defensible Space

Placer Sierra Fire Safe Council

Placer Fire Safe Alliance

California Fire Safe Council

Bark Beetle Information

Weed Research and Information Center- University of California


Rosebud AI

Brainpickings- Inside Kurt Cobain's Letters and Journals

The Wood Database

Villager Nursery- Truckee, California

Eisley's Nursery- Auburn, California

High Country Gardens

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California Native Plant Society